Social Media + SEO Audits

We help our clients answer these three important questions:

For companies new to social marketing:
  • How relevant are digital conversations to my industry and target buyers?
  • What would be the value for my company if we engage with social?
  • How do we get started?
For companies with social marketing experience:
  • Where are digital conversations happening that are influencing our target buyers?
  • Who are the people who drive the digital conversations?
  • How are we doing with social and what can we do better?


This is how we do it:

Step One – Social Reach and Passion analysis:
  • How big is your digital footprint – fans, followers, and the footprint of your competitors?
  • What is the likelihood that your company, brand or product are being discussed or that they will be discussed?
Step Two – Digital Conversations Volumes and Trending Topic analysis
  • How vibrant is the digital dialog about your category?
  • How many conversations happen cross-platforms?
  • What is your digital share of voice vis-à-vis the share of digital voice of your competitors?
Step Three – Content and Engagement analysis:
  • How effective is your content?
  • How well does it fit the needs, passions and pains of your target buyers?
  • How engaging is your content?
Step Four – SEO Health Check:
  • How well do you attract target buyers to your web properties via organic search?
  • How well maintained is your website so it is indexed by search engines?
  • How authoritative is your website vis-à-vis your competitors?

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Social Media + SEO Audits

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Our report discusses your competitive position in social media and search and identifies what your competitors are up to.  We comment on the suitability of social marketing to your product, company or industry and provide specific recommendations on using social media, search, PR and online marketing to drive results. Here’s a sample Social Media/ SEO Audit we developed for Scribe Software: